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Turbine Compressor Impeller


The turbine compressor impeller is the core component of a compressor system, responsible for compressing gases through high-speed rotation to increase their pressure. Its complex structure, with spiral-designed blades, effectively enhances compression efficiency. Manufactured from high-quality metal materials, the impeller ensures excellent wear resistance, high-temperature resistance, and strength.

Manufacturing Specifications:

Objects Value
Component Material Stainless Steel
Machining Dimensions
Impeller Diameter Φ200mm
Number of Blades 12
Blade Thickness 3mm
Hub Diameter Φ100mm
Hub Height 50mm
Machining Tolerance ±0.05mm
Machining Accuracy IT7 level
Machining Equipment High-precision CNC machining centers
Surface Treatment Mirror polishing
Application Area industrial compressors, refrigeration equipment, air conditioning systems, etc.

CNC Machining Process

  • Material Preparation: Suitable metal raw materials such as stainless steel or alloy steel are selected and pre-treated, e.g., annealing or quenching, to enhance machinability.
  • Rough Machining: Utilizing CNC machining centers to remove excess material and form the basic contour.
  • Finishing: Employing high-precision CNC machining techniques to finely polish the blades and hub, ensuring streamlined blade design and overall symmetry.
  • Inspection and Correction: Precise measurements using coordinate measuring machines and other inspection equipment are conducted to rectify any non-conforming areas until meeting design requirements.


The turbine compressor impeller manufactured through CNC machining meets design requirements in terms of appearance quality, dimensional accuracy, and surface smoothness. In practical applications, it demonstrates excellent compression performance and stability, effectively enhancing the overall performance and lifespan of compressors. Moreover, adopting high-precision CNC machining technology significantly improves production efficiency and product quality.

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