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Motorcycle Engine System Housing Component


In order to meet the high-performance requirements of motorcycle engine systems, we designed and manufactured a new type of housing component. This component utilizes high-precision CNC machining technology, ensuring the accuracy and durability of the parts, thereby providing strong support for the efficient operation of motorcycle engines.


Objects Value
Material High-quality alloy steel (45Mn2a)
Processing Dimensions Overall Dimensions: Length 485mm, Width 172mm, Height 396mm
Circular Cavity: Diameter Φ200mm, Depth 150mm
Threaded Holes: Diameter Φ14mm, Depth 20mm (Thread Standard: M16)
Screw Holes: Diameter Φ10mm, Depth 15mm
Processing Tolerance within ±0.05mm
comply with ISO 68-1
Processing Accuracy Surface Roughness (Ra): Less than 1.6 micrometers
Edge processing to R angle, radius less than 0.5mm
Thread processing accuracy complies with ISO 261
Processing Equipment High-precision CNC machine
Surface Treatment polishing
Electroplating (galvanizing or chrome plating)
Application Area motorcycles, electric motorcycles, and other vehicles' engine systems

Part Design

The housing component is a silver metal part with a smooth and glossy surface. It consists of multiple parts, mainly including a larger circular cavity in the middle and two smaller grooves on each side. Threaded and screw holes are designed on the central cavity to facilitate disassembly and assembly of the part. The design of the entire component fully considers structural strength and manufacturing processes, ensuring excellent durability while withstanding high loads.

CNC Machining Process

Material Preparation: High-strength, wear-resistant metal materials are selected as processing raw materials to ensure the performance and durability of the parts.

CAD Design: Using professional CAD software, the three-dimensional model of the part is designed, providing precise data support for subsequent machining.

CNC Programming: Based on CAD design, CNC programming software is used to generate machining programs, ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of the machining process.

Fixture Design: Suitable fixtures are designed according to the shape and size of the part to ensure stability and accuracy during machining.

CNC Machining: The metal raw materials are placed in CNC machine tools, and machining is performed according to the programmed process. Through milling, drilling, tapping, and other processes, each part of the component is precisely machined.

Quality Inspection: After machining, strict quality inspections are conducted on the parts, including dimensional measurements and surface finish checks, to ensure that the quality of the parts meets design requirements.

Machining Results

Through precise manufacturing using CNC machining technology, the motorcycle engine system housing component is successfully completed. And it works good on the motorcycle.

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